Centerstage Academy, 27-29 June 2019

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Thursday Dress Rehearsal

Thursday Dress Rehearsal Bonus

Taken from the center front row with a fair bit of movement.
A wide variety of lenses including a 50mm f1.4, a 100mm f2.8, and a ultra wide zoom (10-18mm)

Friday Night Performance

Friday Night Peformance Bonus

Friday Night Post

Taken from the center of the cat walk mostly with a 55-200 lens.

Saturday Matinee Peformance

Saturday Matinee Peformance Bonus

Saturday Matinee Post

Taken from the right rear corner half way up stairs to the cat walk mostly with a 55-200 lens.

Saturday Night Performance

Saturday Night Peformance Bonus

Saturday Night Post

Taken from the front row on the far left side (stage right) mostly with a 100mm f2.8 lens.

Downloading High Resolution

While in the gallery the down pointing arrow in the upper will let you download a non-watermarked, high resolution version of the photo being displayed. In most cases it should be big enough for a high quality 8x10. You're free to use the photos for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Other Comments

If you have any questions please ask! dave.macluskie at

The filename of each photo is easily visible in the gallery. The best way to identify a specific shot is by its gallery (e.g. Saturday Matinee Bonus) and its filename (e.g. 2019-06-29-dave-4505.jpg).

The first gallery for each performance always contains my favorite shots. I select these based on a few factors, but mostly because I like them. Factors include: sharp focus, good framing, good lighting, open eyes, and mostly that the picture tells a story on its own.

The bonus gallery is additional shots that met most of the criteria. Often there are some very similar shots to the first gallery because I couldn't make a decision of which was best.

The post-performance shows are what they say they are. I did my best given the lighting conditions and time available.